For tips and tricks on growing your business, we've compiled a handy list of resources for you.


8 tips for getting your great idea off the ground

Bryan Szatkowski and Brad Johnston of Lloydminster’s GCHEM Ltd. share tips for getting a business up and running.

Growing your business

Check out what Business Link has to say about growing your business!

Researching your business

Having a business idea is a first great step but before you start it’s important to find out if your idea is worth pursuing.


Business Plan Template

This business plan template can be used to help you write your business plan and save for future reference.

Business transition guide

Transition planning plays an important role in this decision, and can help ensure your legacy be left in good hands.

Break Even for Retail Business

This Excel worksheet can help you execute the Business Guide strategies.

Balance Sheet

This Excel worksheet can help you execute the Business Guide strategies.


Marketing and sales for small business

Looking to attract customers through a strong marketing plan? Find out how here!

Marketing your business on a small budget

Enjoy our free online business webinar!

Diving into social media

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a few examples of social media tools that can be leveraged in marketing your business.

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Facebook live

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