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Your Brand Could Use More Elephants – PART 2

Monday, March 12 | 2:00 PM - 5:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton


Presented by Rebel Soul Creative’s Cynthia Walker, and Good Bishop Communication’s Corey Brewis, this speaking series is relevant to owners, leaders and/or marketing managers of small to mid-sized companies from all industries, and serves to distinguish the differences between brand, marketing and sales, while stressing the critical importance of heartfelt brand connections to bridge the gap between business purpose and greatness when building big, loyal and strong communities of followers, customers and employees.
The creative equivalent to mission and vision building, this series also features a workshop component in which participants will be taught how to release inspiration, guide abstract thought and uncover the essence of their brand while identifying the current and aspirational states of their brand promise – an offering beyond that of their commodities and services, and a benchmark against which to measure the alignment of all future marketing and communications efforts.
About your Facilitators:

COREY BREWIS, Brand and Communications Strategist
Good Bishop Communications

A seasoned writer, brand and creative strategist with business acumen and a sharp marketing mind, Corey Brewis (the Good Bishop) is the proverbial needle in a haystack. With nearly 20 years experience in brand development, advertising and marketing, Corey has been recognized in numerous industry publications and associations throughout North America for his strategic design and communications work.

He’s worked on both the client and agency side for local, national and international corporations and non-profit organizations in a wide range of industries, launched and nurtured numerous professional services brands (both b2b and b2c), and developed a multitude of award-winning brands and marketing campaigns for communities and municipalities across BC, Alberta and Ontario.

In addition to his career in branding and marketing, Corey has worked in public relations and, with his degree in journalism, has been published in major daily national newspapers and magazines as a freelance writer and photographer.

A firm believer in mentorship, he’s also given numerous seminars, panel discussions and workshops to Government and media professionals, corporate executives, entrepreneurial associations with members across all industries, to Chambers of Commerce and to emerging writers and designers from junior high to university levels.

In October, 2013, Corey created The Southern Alberta Junior Roller Derby Association (SAJRD) as a not-for-profit organization promoting fun, excitement and individual expression through the entertaining team sport of competitive Junior Roller Derby. He sits as past President, Director of Brand & Marketing, and as proud Derby Dad to his blocker / jammer daughter “Stabbey Brewser.”

CYNTHIA WALKER, Digital, Marketing and Creative Strategist
Rebel Soul Creative

Cynthia is a brand builder – launching brand initiatives on and off-line with vigour and passion, and maintains an impressive track record in building tools that increase awareness and drive customer engagement.

As a child she spent countless hours drawing, illustrating and sketching; and today, applies that early experience, along with her considerable graphic design experience and training, to develop creative solutions to the business challenges faced by her clients. Cynthia has a rare blend of business insight, finely honed creative instincts, disciplined project management skills, and the ability to partner with clients that often haven’t had much experience with the creative process. Her favourite part of her job is seeing the transformation of clients as they become engaged in creative projects and realize the tangible benefits and business value of the final solutions.

Cynthia has a certificate in Design Foundations and a diploma in Design and Digital Media from Grant MacEwan University, sits on the boards of The Fort Saskatchewan Chamber of Commerce, The Fort Saskatchewan Women in Business Committee and the Fort Saskatchewan International Women’s Day Gala Committee, and devotes what free time she has left to raising her children, which she has found to be the ultimate creative endeavour.

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