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WEBINAR: When is the right time to hire a salesperson?

Thursday, March 25 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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Hiring someone to do sales seems like the perfect solution for the self-described “not a salesperson”. But do you truly know what you need to have in place to make that hire a success? In this 60 minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • How to set your new hire up for success
  • How much you should invest in both time and money for the hire to pay off (yes, even if they are 100% commission)
  • When does (and does not) a 100% commission structure work
  • What to do if the hire doesn’t work out
  • How your role as a company founder will evolve after your hire


Kim Orlesky, President of KO Advantage Group

Kim is the President of KO Advantage Group. She’s listed as LinkedIn’s top sales influencers and continuously named as one of the top sales leaders to follow. She’s Startup Canada’s Woman Entrepreneur and Success Magazine’s most inspirational blogger.

She speaks internationally, including at North America’s largest entrepreneurial event, Inbound, an annual experience uniting super curious, question-asking professionals with big-name and break-out industry thinkers, high-octane events, and boundless education sessions.

In 2014 Kim, courageously quit her life to backpack solo around the world. During her time travelling, she learned more about understanding people, listening with greater intent, and using mindfulness to be more present. All of this led her to take on a new passion for helping others, asking deeper questions to create longer-lasting relationships and drive business results.

When she returned, she turned her passion for sales into one of North America’s fastest-growing sales training programs, KO Sales U.

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