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WEBINAR: The comfort zone misconception

Thursday, February 25 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM


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The comfort zone misconception 

The fine line between growth and avoidance

Who is it for: We’ve all been taught to view our comfort zones incorrectly so this seminar is truly for everyone.

Why it matters: Growth happens outside your comfort zone. So does injury. In order to deal with the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world around you, you need the tools to be able to understand how to create the former without risking the latter.

What you’ll learn: You will learn the role that Behaviours, Emotions and Values play in defining your comfort zone, the difference between your Comfort Zone, your Growth Zone and your Avoidance Zone, and the daily exercises you need to do to keep yourself on the edge of growth in a sustainable way. Each participant will walk away with a custom Comfort Zone template to allow for these daily exercises to happen effortlessly.


Shane Wallace, Founder & CEO of CultureSmith Inc.

“We turn companies into places people care about.” This is the CultureSmith tagline and as the chief architect of the firm’s platforms and programs, Shane is deeply committed to making this statement come true for everyone he meets.

Forward-thinking leaders of mid-sized and rapidly scaling organizations work with Shane because they realize that the world has changed and the conventional approaches to leadership and culture building are not only incapable of meeting the demands of the modern workplace, in many instances they are outright harmful.

A 23 year veteran of the executive recruitment and organizational effectiveness industry, Shane holds a Bachelors Degree in Humanities from the University of Calgary and is in the final stages of his Masters of Leadership Psychology through Penn State University. When not helping to explain ‘why people do the things they do at work’ Shane is equally as busy at home with his wife Kristen and their five kids.

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