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Webinar: Branch for Arts and Culture Presents: Crypto and the Arts

Thursday, April 14 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Bring your questions and curiosity and join us for a conversation on moving into the NFT art space with filmmaker and community builder, Cowboy Smithx, Band lead for Prairie States, Jeff Dick, and creator, Andrea Kimberly, hosted by Mackenzie Putici, cofounder of Web3 Calgary.


Cowboy Smithx

Cowboy Smithx is 1⁄4 of a complex anomaly, existing in the human dimension as a (The Philosopher) civilian curator and community organizer. The remaining 3⁄4’s include Iikaakskitowa (The Artist), Iinaana (The Witch), and Persey Klaw (The Soothsayer). Cowboy is currently working on Nexusverse projects, community events and building the Avatriix Network. Look for Cowboy’s Eccentricus Multiverse NFT Drop coming in 2023.


Jeff Dick

Jeff Dick is an entrepreneur, business owner and the band leader for The Prairie States. He has been interested in crypto currencies and block chain technology for a few years now. He led the charge for The Prairie States to be the first Canadian country band to release an EP as an NFT. The band has had several subsequent NFT releases and they are very excited about the possibilities this tech has for the music industry.


Andrea Kimberley

Andrea Kimberley is a lover of all things nature. She loves making friends with forest creatures, identifying mushroom species or collecting spring water. Some of her favorite things to do is snuggling up with her cat Cocoa and drawing or painting after a day of hiking. Andrea has been described as a fierce and fluffy powerhouse and she loves to create things that haven’t been seen before. Therefore, NFT’s are the perfect marketplace for her obscure art because they open up the entire world to find the perfect match for her work.


Mackenzie Putici

Mackenzie is an entrepreneur and sommelier who has worked with AirBnB to design the first AirBnB Experiences in Toronto, managed a team of talented food and wine experts at New World Wine Tours and Eating Through TO, and is now a Community Experience & Events Manager at Work Nicer Coworking.He got involved with blockchain and cryptocurrencies as an investor in 2020 when he subsequently connected with the broader Web3 community through the Clubhouse app. This allowed for connections across the globe and for Mackenzie to join groups for DeFi, NFTs, DAOs, and blockchain education. He is the co-founder of Web3 Calgary, an organization that host events and seminars for those passionate about Web3 in the province. Furthermore he is developing a Cocktail NFT series for the Polkadot blockchain in collaboration with Polka Häus, TrickyNFTs, and Artera Labs.


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