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Unlocking The Secrets Of The Unconscious Mind

Wednesday, June 20 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Do you regularly set goals in your business and personal life? 
Have you ever found yourself falling short of reaching those goals? 
What if there was a new way to achieve your goals, a new way to look at your business and your life? 
What if I told you that you have the most powerful tool to achieve your goals already at your disposal – your mindset!

In this workshop, International Presenter and Coach Tiffany Toombs will teach you:
-How the unconscious mind and conscious mind work together to create our daily thoughts, patterns, behaviours & habits
-How we learn and embed skills and information in our brain
-How different people process information, and how to use this to create better relationships and increase sales
-How to promote a growth mindset over a fixed mindset
-The power of our language on our habits and behaviours
-The effect of our environment on our mindset

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