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Transition Planning 101

Thursday, June 15 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

Transition Planning 101 – Your Next Steps to (legacy, time, freedom, stability, money satisfaction, fulfillment, philanthropy….) The time to plan is NOW!

If you are a successful business owner/partner, wondering about what needs to be considered to eventually exit from your business, this workshop is for you, regardless of your age.

Business transition? Why should I think about this now? How can this help me with my business issues today?

Simply the thought of transition may seem daunting, too far off in the future to think about, threatening, and costly. Yet it only means getting out of your business in one way or the other – sooner or later.

Are the assumptions you are making about selling or transitioning your business accurate? Might a fresh perspective and an understanding of the process be in order?

Statistics show that without a proper transition plan, your ability to successfully transition your business can be seriously impacted. The financial gain you may be counting on for the next stage of your life could be significantly reduced. The time to plan is NOW!

In this 2-hour interactive workshop, you will be introduced to critical components of transition planning. You will learn:

  • Why it is critical to have a transition plan
  • The need for balance – how to plan for a fulfilling life outside of your business
  • Business transition alternatives and how they work (Family sale, 3rd party sale, Employee Share Ownership Plan (ESOP))
  • What buyers and successors are looking for in a business
  • How business value is determined
  • Strategies you can implement now to increase the value of your business
  • Why financial planning is important for you
  • How planning can help you keep more money in your own pockets (tax planning)
  • The dreaded estate planning, and why it is important for you
  • How starting small steps now can strengthen your business and minimize stress
  • Your “take-aways” from this educational and interactive workshop will be a practical understanding, and motivation to take the next steps in your transition plan, and a better understanding of how this planning can help improve your business today!

For you to take away tangible results, we have limited seats available. Register now to guarantee your spot.

About your Facilitator:

Dave Sinclair owns Business Transitions Plus. Since 2012, he has been fulfilling his passion to support organizations to discover their hidden value. Dave has guided many people and businesses to become their best, as well as assisting business owners to prepare their companies for sale. Dave’s past as a co-owner of a multinational corporation, as well as growing and selling other small businesses, has given him the experience and wisdom to develop the tools he now uses with others. Dave holds a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), is a certified Exit Planning Professional (CExP), Transition Planning Consultant (TPC), and is an International Certified mentor (ICM).”

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