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To Charge Sales Tax, or Not to Charge Sales Tax? That is the Question

Monday, April 9 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

This session is about understanding what a commodity tax is (GST / HST / PST, global taxes, etc) and when you apply it.

We will cover:

– what’s in it for me?
– when am I required to charge sales tax and when am I exempt?
– should I charge sales tax even though I don’t sell a lot?
– do I need to charge sales tax if I sell over the internet?
– do I need to charge sales tax if I sell via 3rd party – like Amazon?
– how do I get a sales tax number in Canada and abroad?
– how do I report and file all this tax?
The Speaker: Lydija Dahl
Lydija provides senior financial, risk and audit expertise. Lydija utilizes her experience from working with the Big Four accounting/audit firms, National Energy Board and the BC Auditor General’s office over the past 25 years. This diverse background allows Lydija the ability to understand situations quickly and lead an organization to successfully meet their objectives and improve ROI through a variety of methods.

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