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The Winding Path Toward Culture Change – Part 2

Thursday, April 18 | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

In “The 8 Deadly Wastes” you learned that every activity is a process you can improve, and in “The Winding Path Toward Culture Change: Part One” you learned how urgency, change teams, vision creation, and communication help embed process improvement in your organization.

But is this enough to make change stick?

Join Bob Hahn, CA and Jen Sloan, BEd for “The Winding Path Toward Culture Change: Part Two,” a free 2-hour workshop where you will dig deep into the final four pillars of change that your organization needs to keep momentum going.

Support the changes you’ve started! Learn more about what you can do to drive the process improvements you need over the long-term.


About your facilitators:

Bob Hahn, CA:

Bob has been a Chartered Accountant since 1982 and has built a practice around accounting services, process improvement consulting, lean accounting, and business valuation advisory services for construction, manufacturing, and professional service companies.  He was an Assurance Partner at Grant Thornton LLP for 15 years before founding Hahn & Houle LLP Chartered Accountants in 2004, and has taught in areas of Practice Management, Analytical Procedures, and Quality Assurance.

Bob is passionate about building a lean culture and empowering others to look around and ask: “How can we do things differently?” For Bob process improvement is not just a business practice, it is a way of life – just ask him about it…you may find he mentions a few of his other interests in that conversation: Angus cattle, tennis, Border Collies, sailing, and scotch.

Jen Sloan, BEd:

Jen has been researching and writing for different organizations for the past 6 years on topics as varied as the efficacy of municipal amalgamation; the relationship between organizational commitment and addiction; and, in her current project, how AI and deep learning impact the ways cultural knowledge is constructed and accepted. Her work’s common thread ties together two key themes: the inevitability of change and the need for effective leadership, and speaks to the question she has built her MBA program around, “How can we lead change more effectively in our homes, businesses, and societies?”

When not at the University, buried in a book, or behind her keyboard, Jen enjoys testing her theories on her husband and two boys, teaching an occasional fitness class, and eating way too much bread.

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