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The Struggle is Real Edmonton: Just Hit Pause (Registration required $5.00)

Monday, February 11 | 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM

Work Nicer

Please register for this event using the below link – there is a fee of $5.00 with proceeds going towards the Canadian Mental Health Association.



It’s hard as an entrepreneur to step away from your business when you’re feeling overwhelmed or dealing with a personal situation. You might feel guilty or that you’re letting others down because, after all, you’re in charge and being your own boss and all that. But the truth is that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t fully show up for your customers and team members.

Sometimes you have to just hit pause. You’ll hear different perspectives from three founders on how they’ve taken a break in their business and are better off for it. There’s no right or wrong way – but it’s time to talk about it.

Join us to hear from Jacquelyn Cardinal, Co-owner of NaheyawinBradley Poulette, CEO and Co-Founder of Air Trail, and Susie Sykes, Founder of Catapult Marketing to talk about what hitting pause meant to each of them and how it impacted their lives and businesses.

Jacquelyn Cardinal

As a serial entrepreneur Jacquelyn currently owns and operates a number of companies geared towards the same goal: equipping communities with the means to support themselves and each other while walking together on a shared path – a sentiment passed down to her through generations.

In her role as Co-owner and Managing Director of the Indigenous owned and operated Naheyawin, Jacquelyn fulfills her duties as a Treaty person by searching for and creating tools to assist Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in an effort to reclaim the spirit of the Numbered Treaties. A technologist at heart, Jacquelyn uses and continues to develop her skills in community engagement, strategic planning, and communications to be of service to her community and see Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples into a positive future by working together.

Bradley Poulette

Bradley Poulette is the CEO and Co-Founder of Air Trail, an Edmonton-based software company built to help regional airlines fly more planes and do less paperwork. Bradley graduated from the University of Alberta in 2015, and since then has taught Product Management online to over 200,000 learners worldwide and worked for five startup companies – three of which he started himself. Bradley is an outspoken advocate for entrepreneurship, diversity, and mental health.

Susie Sykes

Susie Sykes has always been passionate about communications. After completing a Bachelor in Radio and Television from Ryerson, she returned home to Edmonton to gain experience in radio, provincial politics, and marketing management.

Susie founded Catapult Marketing in 2010, which quickly grew into a thriving local business. Complementing her professionalism with a personal touch, Susie enjoys building genuine relationships with her clients while providing strategic marketing services.

Whether it’s dressing in head-to-toe duct-tape for the Red Green Show or flying to Yellowknife to work with ice road truckers, Susie has no issue stepping out of her comfort zone to get the job done right.

Outside of Catapult Susie considers herself a true geek, taking an interest in all-things space-related and politics. She also takes immense pride in her cute kids, and is a lover of bicycles, adventures and delicious food.

What is The Struggle YEG all about?

They say that being an entrepreneur is a roller coaster ride, but you probably hear more about the highs than the lows. The struggle is indeed very real. We’re creating a safe space to share the real and raw stories of starting and running a business. The good, the bad, the ugly. And those little moments that keep you going against the odds. Because you don’t have to go it alone.

Join ATB and our venue sponsor, Work Nicer, for local beers, refreshments and war stories at Work Nicer’s brand-new Beaver House co-working space. Come with an open mind; leave with a more resilient mindset of what it means to be an entrepreneur today.

Please note that for this event, we are charging a $5 admission fee, 100% of which will go to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Agenda Details:

5:00 PM: Doors Open & Registration

5:00PM – 5:30PM: Networking & Snacks/Refreshments

5:45PM – 6:45PM: Panel

6:45PM – 7:30 PM: Networking

7:30 PM: Event Concludes


Work Nicer Beaver House, 10158 103 St NW #100, Edmonton

We would like to thank the Work Nicer team for partnering with us on this event and providing the beer, refreshments, and of course, an incredible venue for these important conversations.

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