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The No B.S. Truth; What it Really Takes to Be Successful in Business

Tuesday, February 20 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Just because you can bake a pie doesn’t mean you can run a bakery. Being great or even exceptional at your chosen profession is only the beginning to building and sustaining a successful business.   The biggest struggle most entrepreneurs encounter is building clientele, aka sales. Are you challenged with growing your top line revenue? Do you have enough clients and raving fans?

Sure, sales is a bit of an art, but it also requires skills and skills can be learned. This means you CAN develop the mindset, behaviours and competencies you need to make a profit and pay yourself too!

In this presentation, you will learn the key components to becoming confident in your role as a sales person for your own business.

Remember, running a business is an ongoing fulfilling challenge, but running a business that has no clients or profits in a grind that will quickly come to an end and force you back into the workforce.  Learn to love being in sales.

Workshop is aimed at intermediate business owners.

Bio for Noelle Leemburg

Noelle is driven by inspiring people to perform beyond their perceived best. For over 15 years, she has been influencing people to modify their behaviour to maximize their results in sales and in business through her coaching and consulting practice.

She is a certified Adult Educator, International Author, and a Sales and Leadership Coach who has access to hundreds of tools to help small businesses scale up fast.

She ran a training and speaking business for 9 years where she taught public workshops in Malaysia and at the Singapore Institute of Management on teamwork, management, sales & communication skills and focused on Sales Skills for corporate Canadian mid-sized organizations. She was recruited by one of her clients to take a senior level leadership role and helped take the private, family owned business National reaching revenues of $120 million.

One of her proudest initiatives helped raise over $50K for Alberta Kids Cancer Care Foundation.  

She went on to work for an American multinational public company, leading 45 people with a responsibility of over $250 million in revenues. It was there, Noelle realized, she wanted more.

She now runs a successful business coaching practice called bSavvy.  Her clients have measured and report they are making more money, becoming more effective leaders and more efficient at running their business.

She is an avid sports enthusiast, loves the outdoors, learning and is great at inspiring others to stretch beyond their comfort zone to build and lead healthy sustainable businesses.

Noelle’s company, bSavvy, has one mission: to help entrepreneurs execute on their goals so they too can achieve great levels personal and professional success.

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