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The Most Hated F Word

Wednesday, March 14 | 7:15 PM - 9:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

This is a Private hosted event – Please use RSVP HERE to attend.

Doors Open at 7:15pm

RUN! This guy is going to talk about FINANCES!

I know, I know, talking about finances, sucks! Just the idea of it makes you sigh!
But, do you wish you received more LIFE from your money?

Whether you are a business owner, an investor, a saver or even a spender…. everyone has the same financial questions…..”Am I making the right financial decisions?”

Personal & Business Finance Expert, Shaun Maslyk CFP®, CCS®, B.Comm, CIP will be Breaking TABOO and EXPOSING the most hated F-WORD, finances! Shaun, along with expert monthly guest speakers, will debunk, expose and throw out the old-school financial planning books.

His energy, knowledge and passion will have you thinking about MONEY in a whole new way. One that will help you live your most ENriched life.

Shaun’s motto, Fresh Financial Thinking was created to help himself and others, achieve their own state of Financial Well-Being.


This meet up is meant to provide free useful information in the hopes, together, we start breaking the TABOO and talking about money, so we all can start living our most ENriched lives.

March 14, 2018 Agenda:

Topic: It all started with a desire to know my purpose
Speaker: Mick Lolekonda Speaker, Author and Consultant

As a business consultant, personal coach, speaker and author, Mick has found his purpose in life

Mick proudly admits he “gets” to live out his true passions on a daily basis. However, it has not always been that way
Starting his first business in 2003, Mick was excited as he was living his PURPOSE. After a few months, he soon realized how important FINANCIAL LITERACY was for running a successful business
Determined and eager to make his purpose a reality, he committed to learning everything he needed to know about business and finances to make his business a success
Fast forward 15 years later, Mick has a successful business that allows him to live out his true purpose in life

Come hear Mick talk about his journey. How he found his true purpose and how his financial literacy journey transformed his business
What you will learn:
-How Mick found his purpose and how he helps clients find their purpose
-Through years of trial and error, Mick will share the essential financial knowledge you need to know from his personal experience
-You will be inspired to find (or enhance) your purpose and commit to understanding your finances, in order live a happy and healthy life
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-Everything you need to know about Investing
-Learn more about investing that 65% of Canadians in only 45 minutes

Speaker: Shaun Maslyk CFP® CCS® B.Comm, CIP – Personal & Business Financial Expert
For the vast majority of Canadians, the stock & bond market is a foreign language….or we might think we understand it….but it is so complex, right?

Shaun will break down the stock & bond market into simple relatable terms so it is easy to undersand
He will share how wealthy individuals make money in the stock and bond market.
We will look at historical events that help us predict future trends, so we can all maximize our returns while investing
Shaun has studied the world’s best investors and has compiled key insights that he will be sharing. (investors such as Warren Buffett, John Bogle, Ray Dalio, David Swanson, Peter Lynch) Why should you come?
When we understand the fundamentals of investing, we then are in a much better place to make EDUCATED and rational decisions
For too long, investing was done on emotions or watching CNBC – however, its time we all become more aware and accountable consumers, so we can make our own “smart money decisions” and live our own legacies

This will be a great event loaded with free actionable content!

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