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The Killer B’s: Learning How To Get Out Of You Own Way As An Entrepreneur

Thursday, April 19 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Lethbridge

You are an Entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, you are always moving forward, that is until things get in your way.

Your customers get in your way.

Your vendors get in your way.

Your employees get in your way.

Your brain most definitely gets in your way!

That’s right, your brain is both your biggest asset and your biggest liability when it comes to running your business. Learning how to work WITH your brain as opposed to agent it is key.

Over the course of this free 90 min session, you will learn the make-up of your unique psychology (Your Behaviour), the optimum way to navigate the intersection of that psychology with that of your employees, clients and vendors (Your Blindspots) as well as the snap decisions you’ve made along the way that have created issues (Your Bias) that have conspired to erode value within your life over time.

We call these “The Killer B’s” and learning how to navigate them is the quintessential skill that you will simply not learn in a business course or textbook, making this a MUST attend for all small business owners and leaders of growing firms.

Every person in attendance will receive two valuable, custom tools, The User Manual; a document designed to allow others to better “use” you, as well as a“CultureStorming” Template; the quintessential business planning template that removes your bias from every decision, allowing others to better “use” your company.

Space is limited so register today.

This is suitable for all levels of entrepreneurship.

The Speaker: Shane Wallace

Shane Wallace is the founder & CEO of CultureSmith Inc., an innovative and disruptive Employee Engagement firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

A 17 year veteran of the Professional Recruitment industry, Shane launched his first firm in 2005 after spending 6 years as a Director of a multi-national Fortune 100 Recruitment Firm.

As the leader of a rapidly growing enterprise, tackling employee engagement was a daily challenge. In setting his mind to solving this issue for himself, Shane soon realized that he had created a highly impactful model that was delivering amazing results. After “lending” the methodology to a number of his key recruitment clients, the demand for this service built almost overnight and CultureSmith Inc. was born.

Shane now spends his time tackling the engagement issue on behalf of others. Teaching the four core concepts of Alignment, Assessment, Attraction and Activation, he helps companies leverage all about them that is unique, creating solutions that allow them to find prosperity in even the most challenging market conditions.

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