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The Benefits of Working in a Shared Space

Monday, December 10 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

You will gain first-hand exposure to working in a shared space environment. A short presentation will outline the following:

  • What is a shared workspace?
  • Where to find a shared workspace and why they differ
  • Why culture and environment are important for your growth
  • Panel Discussion and Networking – How to make the most of your shared workspace


By actively participating in discussion with panelists, it is a great opportunity to help determine if a shared workspace is right for your venture. In addition, we will shed light on all the opportunities that are right here in Calgary.

*This presentation is geared towards all levels of entrepreneurship.

The Speaker: Danny Eisenberg

A native of Chicago, IL, Danny has spent much of his professional career in a variety of places and positions. With experience in fields of mechanical engineering, operations, product development and even custom fabrication, Danny is driven by a desire to influence innovation through collaboration. Growing up an athlete, he learned at a young age the importance of discipline and teamwork, and this has led him down a path of entrepreneurship in his new home of Calgary, Alberta. As a founder and director of Fuse33 Makerspace, he is passionate about the ability to inspire diversity in a changing economy and has dedicated his time to helping Calgarians do what they love. His energy and experience have been the motor behind many recent endeavors and continue to be evident in the creation of this unique space.

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