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Technology Workers: The Disrupting Disrupted

Tuesday, July 4 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

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How we got here: “You’re a technology worker? Sorry to hear that.

“What is a technology worker?·

A brief history of technology: Why we’re disrupted? The Multi-Waves· Mobility was a wave· The cloud was a wave, we’re about half-way through it·

What is this Internet of Things? Enter Artificial Intelligence· Enter Augmented Reality· Robotics get a supporting role

The Good News· The future is bright, I don’t think any of us would go back to a horse and buggy.· Re-invent ourselves· Technology makes the new work possible.

About your facilitator:

Ben Habing has been wielding a keyboard since he was nine. He has spent almost 20 years working in Information Technology, holding various roles from Systems Administrator, Senior Systems Engineer, Infrastructure Architect, Information Technology Manager, Technical Process Manager, Director of Strategy & Business Development to most recently CEO & Principal Consultant for Vivify Technology. He has led several technical support teams, implemented dozens of enterprise applications, server and infrastructure systems all with a focus on delivering value to the business. Ben is a veteran of the dot-com bust and after climbing the inner sanctums of Information Technology; he made the jump over to quality and governance, and finally into leadership.

This has given Ben, one of the unique perspectives of being able to talk the tech-talk and understand the need for adoption of service quality and business fundamentals in the sometimes-unhallowed walls of Information Technology. He was recently featured as a guest speaker on the “Create Awesome Meetings” podcast, a local networking event for startup entrepreneurs helping them to know “What’s in the cloud for me?”, a failure celebration event talking about the “44-hour shift”, and American Society of Quality (ASQ) chapter event speaking about “Risk Management and IT: Cyber-threats, cowboys, and clouds, oh my!”.

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