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Start with WHO!

Tuesday, July 24 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Who cares if you Start With Why.
Notice that this is a statement, not a question because “Who” very much cares if you start with Why.
If you have two eyes and access to the internet, you have no doubt seen and most likely even investigated the “Start With Why” movement and it’s become a movement because it makes a ton of sense.
Connect your Purpose (your “Why”) to all you do and the How and the What will follow.
The challenge is, while Why should most definitely come before How and What, starting with Who is where the money truly is.
“Who” comes down to three things;
Who you are: An honest and accurate assessment of your Current State.
Who you are becoming: an aspirational yet practical assessment of your Desired State.
Who you serve: Who is it that you need to become absolutely indispensable to in order to achieve your Desired State?
Now, you will be able to finally answer these questions thanks to this 90 minute workshop put on by CultureSmith Inc.
As experts in the field of Employee Engagement and Corporate Culture, the team at CultureSmith knows how to create the structure that drives engagement and “starting with Who” is the first step they take with all their clients.
In this session, CultureSmith CEO Shane Wallace will take you through this process where you will learn:
  • Your Uncommon Competence; what it is about your business that no one else can touch, thus making you highly desirable to the right niche
  • Your True Competitive Threats: who is it that shares enough of your Uncommon Competence that you need to pay attention to them
  • Your Niche: not only EXACTLY who your business should be targeting but what are the triggers
  • Your Value Proposition: you will learn the PROPER way to answer the question; “so what is it your company does anyways?”
All of this will be backed and supported by the CultureSmith Behavioural operating system to ensure it will land with everyone in attendance.
 While all are welcome, this session is uniquely suited to owners of small to mid-sized businesses and their leadership teams.

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