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Soup, Sandwich and Small Business Speaker Series

Wednesday, October 16 | 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Thorsby Senior Center

ATB Financial and The Thorsby Chamber of Commerce are partnering to present our very own Speaker Series! This series is meant to bring together local business owners on relevant topics that are impacting your business and the community.

Join us for the first in this series as we listen to guest speaker Dave Sinclair, discuss considerations for small business owners in planning ahead for transition. What do you need to think about now for you, your family, your business and your legacy? And what are the potential impacts to the community? Very relevant topics, opportunity for discussion and questions while bringing our business community together – this is what we are all about!  

Soup and sandwiches will be available for $7.00 through the Thorsby Seniors Center.


About Dave Sinclair

Dave Sinclair is the Founder and Owner of Business Transitions Plus. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA); is certified as an Exit Planning Professional (CExP) and Transition Planning Consultant (TPC).

Dave started Business Transitions Plus in 2012, to fulfill his passion for helping people discover their ideal life and build business success. He has guided many business leaders to find their ideal life, increase value in businesses, and prepare companies for sale or transition to new owners

Dave will touch on Questions such as:

    “How do I keep the transition of my business fair when I have 3 children and only one is showing interest in carrying on the business?”

   “I have someone interested in taking on or joining my business but they aren’t able to come up with capital for a down payment to arrange financing. Are there strategies for bringing someone into my business and earning/building equity for them to be able to arrange financing?”

Dave will joined by Harold Wilson, the Manager for Economic Development for the City of Leduc to discuss community and transitions.

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