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So, you want to talk about social media? (Red Deer)

Wednesday, October 24 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

Pop-up Red Deer

Social Psychology and Content Strategy

Business owners, entrepreneurs, event organizers, and marketing managers who learn to generate and target consistent, creative, and relevant content to a growing audience, while utilizing the many marketing and advertising tools available on each platform, will find immense return on investment through positive engagement. In this social media workshop, Joe Whitbread and Jo Phillips from Jo(e) Social Media, bring an understanding to social media for business owners. You will leave with an actual strategy to accomplish online success, regardless of the channels you decide to share message on.

*This workshop is aimed at beginners or intermediate users of social media for business. This includes business owners, entrepreneurs and employees assigned to be social media managers for their employer.*



JOE WHITBREAD (male): With a background in broadcast Journalism, sports entertainment and sales,  Jo(e) Social Media co-founder, public speaker and CEO, Joe Whitbread is enthralled by marketing process and strategy. Joe’s fascination with marketing and personal branding has allowed him to master the art of audience engagement, both on and offline. Joe watches people watch advertising and develops incredibly engaging strategies to earn return on business. Known for his “if they’re going right, let’s go left” philosophy, Joe’s able to find the best way through a noisy social environment for almost any business.

JO PHILLIPS (female): With a degree in Psychology focused on motivation and personality, and a minor in Sociology, Jo(e) Social Media Co-Founder, public speaker and COO, Jo Phillips loves to watch how people interact both in social media and in the business world and convert it to opportunity. Known for her big ideas and quick, creative thinking, Jo’s able to carefully identify personality traits and story telling to activate brand content, and combines her education and knowledge of small business and entrepreneurship with smart, effective social media solutions.

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