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Social Connection – Oobliq series Part 6

Wednesday, December 11 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

Join us for a 6 part series focusing on the health and well being of an entrepreneur and their employees.

December 11 – Social Connection: Humans are social creatures, and there may be no better medicine for our well-being than tending our social ties.

Register for each of the sessions…

July 10 – Stress: It’s unavoidable. Develop strategies to take control of your mind, and make stress work for you.

August 7 – Nutrition: Our health depends on what we eat. Discover what foods help extend our healthy years and reverse some of our most common illnesses.

September 11 – Ergonomics: Every task in gravity begs a posture. Learn how to interact with your environment maximize your health & safety.

October 3 – Sleep: We all do it for 1/3 of our lives. Wonder why?

November 6 – Exercise & Movement: Moving matters, and only you can move you. Here is what the science says.

 Each Session Includes:

  • 45-minute Presentation
  • 15-minute Q & A
  • Includes leave behind printed reference material for each topic


Dr. Ken Bergquist earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto Canada in 1988. Since then, he and his wife Cheryl have established several successful chiropractic clinics throughout Alberta Canada, while raising their 5 children.

 Through his practice, and having first certified in ergonomics in 1991, Ken realised that many of his patients were attending his clinics as the result of soreness or injury sustained in the workplace. To address this issue, Ken established “Oobliq”, a company providing on-site injury prevention and health promotion programs.

 Since 1999, Oobliq has developed a powerful track-record of lowering injury rates, improving the experience of work for employees and providing value for employers. Oobliq’s experience spans multiple industries and jurisdictions across Canada and the United States.

 Dr. Ken Bergquist’s speaking series delivers serval evidence-based transferable tools, helping employees engage in taking control of their future health and abilities in the workplace. All of Oobliq’s presentations are informed by regular research updates from our resident Neuroscientist, Dr. Austin Bergquist PhD. Ken has presented portions of his speaking series at companies and organizations like: Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA-Oregon), Weyerhaeuser (Canada and Pacific Northwest), Governor’s Industrial Safety & Health (Washington), Norpac, Sobeys, Myshak Group, Genentech. 

 Additional to his role as President of Oobliq, Ken also practices in clinic several days a week at Whitemud Crossing Chiropractors in Edmonton Canada.  

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