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SingularityU Canada Summit – Livestream Event: YEG

Wednesday, October 11 - Thursday, October 12 | 8:30 AM - 4:30 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

This is a ticketed event. To register, please click the following link.

Singularity University empowers a global community with the mindset, skill set and network to create an abundant future. For the first time in Canada, leading-edge speakers from SingularityU will join Canadian leaders and innovators for an unforgettable experience.

Join us as we stream the conference from Toronto and listen in with like minded leaders who are driven to solve humanity’s major challenges. Hear about the future of tech from globally recognized experts and listen to the companies who are building the technologies that are driving exponential change. SingularityU Canada Summit is your opportunity to stay ahead of inevitable change, and learn how to positively impact the world through your work.

We will be offering each session in segments so you can join us for as many or as little sessions as you’d like. Please be sure to register for each segment that you’d like to attend individually.

We will also be holding an Innovation Box from 12:45pm – 2pm on both days! Meet local, innovative entrepreneurs as they show the community what they are doing in their business that will put Alberta on the innovation map.


Day 1

Abundance 8:30 am – 10:30am

Join us at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre to kick off day one of the SingularityU Canada Summit
Stream! This 2 hour session will feature an introduction as well as 2 hour main stage event:

Intro to Exponentials & Road to Abundance – Peter Diamandis
A positive and inspired view of the future and what it will hold for us. This will prime the
audience for what they’re about to hear and experience over the next two days.

Societal Implications of Abundance – Salim Ismail
A look at how abundance, enable by exponential technology, will reshape our society and societal norms.

Citizenship 11:00 am – 12:30 pm

The Citizenship segment of the SingularityU Canada Summit will feature:

Intro to Citizenship – Robert Steiner
A brief introduction to the Global Grand Challenge of Citizenship and what this segment will cover.

Decentralized Power – Andreas Antonopolous
This session explores the true potential of the Blockchain. Not only is it posed to change the way we interact
digitally, it enables cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which could drastically and fundamentally change our
financial system in the future.

Robotic Rights – Suzanne Gildert
This session will explore the concept of sentience. At what point does a robot or AI become a sentient being?
What role will they play in our societies? We’ll take a lighthearted and interactive approach to tackling some of
these deep and important questions.

[Debate] Identity in the Age of AI – Panel: Ann Covoukian, Greg Wolfond, Nadav Zafrir, Aran Hamilton (moderator)
What is the true cost of all of our connectedness and new technologies? How safe do we really feel?
How much does the world know about us? How can we protect ourselves?
Is the world of protection a place where we want to live? This session will pose these questions to the audience
and guide them to look inward to decide where they stand on heavily debated subject.

The Innovation Box 12:30pm – 2:00 pm

Join us in celebrating local entrepreneurs who are disrupting the market they are in. Walk around, check out
their products and talk to the creators themselves. Don’t miss the opportunity to see some amazing companies!

Health 2:00 pm – 3:45 pm

The Health segment of the SingularityU Canada Summit will feature:

Intro to Health – Molly Shoichet
A brief introduction to the Global Grand Challenge of Health and what this segment will cover.

The Future of Medicine – Zayna Khayat
This session is meant to introduce the concept of patient directed medicine. It gives the audience perspective of
both the Doctor and the patient. Patients are now an active participant in their own care. Because of this,
they need to understand medicine in a new way, and in turn, Doctors need to understand and listen to
their patients’ needs in a new way as well.

Could an Avatar Change Your Life? – Alexx Henry
A demonstration of how avatars, 3D representations of ourselves, can help us set goals for our physical health
and help us stick to them. Alexx Henry walks us through how using his avatar allowed him to lose weight and transform his physical health.

Programming Life – Raymond McCauley

Soon, we will be able to create a “garage” in which people can access their own biology, “hack it”, and permanently change it. This session will tackled the concept of personalized genetic enhancement. We’ll examine how the patient can now take control of their own healthcare. Bio-hacking is a new method of preventative healthcare, which can happen at any point – the patient is now in charge.

Improving Our Human Selves – Divya Chandler

This session moves us from Biology to Neuroscience. We will explore the concepts surrounding consciousness and how our brains work. Understanding the neuroscience of how our brain connects to our body and is an integral piece of keeping us healthy. Our audience will learn just how powerful the brain is and how it can be our greatest asset in preserving and improving our long term health.

Exponential Canada 4:30 pm – 6:20 pm

Post this session, please join of for 30 minutes of networking. This is your opportunity to share your greatest take aways of the day with others.

The Exponential Canada segment of the SingularityU Canada Summit will feature:

A Literary View of the Future – Robert Sawyer
Science fiction has often guided and inspired the design and development modern technology. In this section, science fiction author Robert J. Sawyer will explore a vision of what the future might hold.

Exponential Canada – Salim Ismail
This session will take a look at exponential technology through the lens of Canada, Canadian business, and how we as a country are approaching exponential growth.

Connecting the Dots and Interactive Q&A – Host and Select Speakers
A wrap up of the concepts explored over the course of the day, as well as what to expect tomorrow. Also an opportunity for the audience to ask questions to a select group of speakers from earlier in the day.

Day 2

Innovation X 8:30 am – 10:00 am

Join us at the ATB Entrepreneur Centre to kick off day two of the SingularityU Canada Summit Stream! This 2 hour session will feature an introduction as well as an hour main stage event:

Immergence 2.0 (World Premier) – Toshi Anders Hoo & Daniel Berkman
An incredible demonstration of merging VR with music. Watch as a musician mixes virtual instruments and improvisation love onstage but in the virtual world. This performance has been upgraded using the latest in VR technology and will be showcasing its world premier at the SingularityU Canada Summit.

Invention X Innovation – Ann Makosinski
An inspirational talk by a young innovator who proves you don’t need to be an expert to build something disruptive.

Exponential Leadership: 2nd Track Reminder – Lisa Soloman
A quick reminder of the content hosted after the break on the alternate stage.

Energy 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
The Energy segment of the SingularityU Canada Summit will feature:

Intro to the Energy Theme – Glen Murray
The former Minister of Environment will briefly introduce the Global Grand Challenge of Energy and what this segment will cover.

Introduction to Exponential Energy Technologies – Ramez Naam
This session is meant to showcase the exponential curve on developments in energy technology. We’ll examine what that development is doing to the economy, the world, and what we need to do to be a part of that shift.

Living in a World of Energy Contradictions – Pending
This session will explore how far away are we from energy abundance and why today’s reality is as important as the vision of the future.

The Path to Electric Transportation – Josipa Petrunic
One of the most impactful factors in energy transformation happens to also be one where Canada has some strategic choices to make.

Why Low-Carbo Energy? – Tom Rand, Ramez Naam (Moderator)
An optimistic view on the path and value of achieving low-carbon economy.

What Does the New Energy Economy Mean for Canada? – Tom Rand, Josipa Petrunic, Pending
A provocative and difficult discussion around the future that affects all of us – the future of energy.

The Innovation Box 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Join us in celebrating local entrepreneurs who are disrupting the market they are in. Walk around, check out their products and talk to the creators themselves. Don’t miss the opportunity to see some amazing companies!

Prosperity 2:00 pm – 4:30 pm

The Prosperity segment of the SingularityU Summit will feature:

Intro to Prosperity – Robert Greenhill

A brief introduction the Global Grand Challenge of Prosperity and what this segment will cover.

Exonomics – Amin Toufani
Exploring unifying themes among disruptive trends in business strategy, financial markets, cryptocurrencies, economic policy, and risk management. Exponential technologies have profound effects on how economies function, and exonomics surveys this emerging new world and its implications for individuals,businesses and government.

The BIG Shirt -John Hagal
Moving from efficiencies and predictability to scalable learning might be the only key to your organizational survival.

Machine Intelligence, From Research to Impact – Amanda (Moderator), Cameron Schuler, Pending
What skills and mindset will be key to job survival in an automated world?

Driveless Cars – Raquel Urtasun
New perspectives on the single most impactful innovation that will fundamentally change our cities and the way we live and work.





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