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Significance, Status Quo and Sales

Tuesday, September 26 | 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

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Learn how to generate more sales and closes through significance and not falling through the cracks of the status quo. This is broken down to a science. It’s not about hearing more No’s to get to a YES. It’s about hearing more YES’s period.  The way you speak to others and learning the language your client speaks, is imperative to your growth and success.

This is the third in a 6 part series – check out our calendar of events to register for all the sessions.

About your speaker:

Melissa Mackey is an award winning motivational speaker who loves to light the room with her infectious energy and intense connection. Melissa is the Founder of Ignite Me Now and the creator of WeTalks. She is an inspirational speaker, independent mom, author of Soulvival of the Fittest and a fierce entrepreneur.

Melissa’s previous role as Mentorship Lead with Women in Leadership has opened her eyes to the world of business and what the missing link was with many entrepreneurs worldwide; taking care of their emotional and mental wellbeing. Melissa delivers actionable and experiential workshops focused around business growth and she also believes intertwining a dash of personal development in them, provides lasting impact.

She inspires & ignites others to take action in their life and is committed to helping others discover their gifts and their missing link. She is a bridge to help humanity get from where they are to where they want to be.

Her experiential workshops ranging from personal growth to strategic business tactics empowers her audience and leaves them with tools to apply immediately to see results.
Melissa has been described as that tiny young chick with a fierce passion and enthusiasm; one part fun, one part serious, one part wise. She has a burning desire to ignite humanity and create lasting change that creates ripple effects.

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