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Shining a Spotlight on Your Energy Costs (So You Can Save More Money for Your Business)

Thursday, April 4 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Have you every really looked at your energy bill? Honestly? If you’re like a lot of Albertans, you simply look at the amount due, grumble a little under your breath, and pay it. If that sounds like you, you’re not alone. Most people barely glance at more than the total.

As an entrepreneur, you want to invest as much as you can into your business. Making smart energy choices can help free up some funds.

This engaging, entertaining and enlightening presentation will help you understand how that market works, what’s actually on your bill, and what costs you can control. It’ll shed some light on the energy you use to power your business.

The Speakers: Aleem Kassam and Tim Hardman, ATCO

This dynamic duo has a combined 12 years of experience in the energy industry. They’ve seen market prices spike and plummet, watched the province move from a regulated to deregulated model, and understand what on earth all those charges are on your bill and how they affect you.

You could take the time and energy to immerse yourself in the energy market for a decade. Or, you could come listen to Tim and Aleem for an hour and get a very efficient summary. They could talk about energy for days, but they’ve promised to keep it to under an hour and give you time to ask questions.


  • Has been in the energy industry for nearly 2 years and always approaches his clients as a trusted advisor
  • Always works to build a genuine relationship with every client and make them a priority
  • Puts the customer’s interests first. Always.


  • Has worked in multiple areas of the energy industry for 10 years in both regulated to de–regulated markets.
  • Over the years in this ever– changing industry, he’s learned that there is no time to waste when choosing an energy plan that can help your bottom line.
  • He’s always willing to help and explain the industry to anyone for as long as they’re willing to listen!

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