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Selling is a Science, Not Magic

Friday, July 28 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Have you ever stood and listen to a person with charm, a sense of humor and the gift of speech? Have you thought “that person is a born salesman”. Chances are they aren’t. Great sales people are made, not born.

The best sales people are systematic, process oriented, and service focused. The best sales people listen way more often than they talk. The best sales people are highly trained and highly organized. In fact, you have probably met some of these people and never knew they sold anything.

This workshop is focus on helping lay-man understand how easily they can transform themselves comfortably into effective sales people.

Bowdie Bragg:

Following a long and distinguished career in both the corporate world and in private business, Bowdie Bragg is now the Managing Director of Entrepreneur Evolution (E2). E2 is a boutique business coaching firm with a singular mission to change the world of business coaching one success at a time. E2 offers a wide variety of coaching, consulting and training services related to leadership, sales, general business, financial literacy, and process & systems design.

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