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Relationships for the Win

Tuesday, January 22 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Identifying customers/clients you will love

It’s all about the relationship. As the smallest of small businesses there is one thing that can become our strategic advantage – our customer relationships.

In this session, we’ll spend some time looking at three influential viewpoints inside the consumer-brand research to understand why some client’s choose you and others don’t and, how to use these insights to forge stronger, two-way relationships.

We’ll also spend some time working with a fun exercise that can completely change how you think about your ‘ideal customer’ and you’ll leave with three things that inform which customers you will love working with.

This session is designed for small business owners who hold a 1:1 connection with their customers or clients, and is suitable for all levels of entrepreneur from start up to seasoned veteran.

The Speaker: Tricia Murray

Tricia has spent a lifetime in pursuit of coherence. Working for over 20 years with some of the most well known brands in North America and participating in the birth of Canada’s first engagement agency, it became apparent to her that businesses, no matter their size, struggle with the same things.

They struggle to identify their customers and build strong, two-way relationships with them. They wrestle with seeing marketing as a set of tools to foster those connections in natural, human ways and create opportunities to grow sustainable businesses.

Today, Tricia spends her time showing the smallest of small business owners how to identify, connect and grow with customers they love through her signature programs that create coherence 360º.

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