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Put YOURSELF first, by putting PROFIT first

Wednesday, October 5 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

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No matter how many years you’ve been at the grind in your business, you are probably aware that over 80% of Canadian businesses don’t make it to their first 1-2 years! The ones that are still chugging along are the lucky ones, but those that chugging along are doing so by racking up debt and are consistently stressed out!
You’ve probably put a ton into growing your business, but this will only get you so far.

Many business owners strive for colossal growth but not focusing on the company’s financial health while growing will eventually kill the business.

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to start mastering your money and subsequent profitability. Money is the foundation of business survival, and in fact, is the “oxygen” the business breaths in and “carbon dioxide” it breaths out. Without enough money at the right time, you cannot take your message, products, or services to the market. Without enough money, you are a slave to your business instead of your business working for you.

As my friend Mike Michalowicz said, “Growth is the battle cry of nearly every entrepreneur and business leader. Grow! Grow! Grow! Bigger sales. Bigger customers. Bigger investors. But to what end? Bigger business means bigger problems for sure. Yet it surely does not guarantee bigger profits, especially when profit is a hopeful residual.”

As you focus on “profit,” you’ll discover new ways to both streamline and grow your business like never before!

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