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Plan to Profit

Thursday, April 25 | 10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

Now that tax time’s over, it’s the season to freshen up your finances and pick up your bottom line!

Your company’s net profit is the equivalent to the rate of return you’re making on your business investment.

What’s your ROI? If you’re like 80% of the small/medium size businesses out there, you’re likely making a 2-5% bottom-line profit. Add a fair market owner’s salary to the mix, and it’s likely your net profit is dipping into the negative. The real question is, why’s that ok with you??? You could take your money and invest it in an Index or Exchange Traded Fund and make 4-11%, with less
than an hours’ worth of work. Not the 24/7 effort you currently put into the business. So, I ask you again… why’s that ok with you?

• If you’re not paying yourself
• Losing money, but not sure where
• Struggling with cash flow
• Have no retained earnings set aside
• or can’t get away from growing debt…

Basically, you’re in a financial tsunami you just can’t seem to escape, take five minutes to check out the program, and then decide if it’s for you.

Learning Objectives | Taunya shows you step by step, how to get paid, grow your profit, set your price, and defend your sales; basically, build a financial plan and transform your business, from the bottom up.

Intended Audience | Entrepreneurs who are keen on shifting their financial mindset and running a victory lap around their competition’s profit margins. A well-deserved paid holiday may also serve to incentivize.


About the Pro | Taunya Woods Richardson, CMC
One of a small and distinguished group of specialists emerging in the field of behavioural finance, Taunya is applauded for her innovative and refreshingly pragmatic approach to inspiring money mastery among Canadian entrepreneurs. Combined with three decades of entrepreneurship experience, she possesses the unique ability to embolden and equip entrepreneurs with insight, understanding and actionable change strategies to mould their financial outcomes with purpose and intention. Taunya is the architect of the Cashflow CanvasTM and Money Mastery MatrixTM, creator of Nail the Numbers, and founding partner of Epifany Financial Group. Her insights and expertise on the topics of entrepreneurship and finance have been featured in the National Post, Globe and Mail, Financial Post, Profit and Alberta Venture magazines, as well as on CBC Radio, CTV and Global Television.

Through her extensive community involvement with organizations and initiatives such as Global Entrepreneurship Week, Queen’s Entrepreneurs’ Challenge, Schulich’s Rise Case Competition, SHAD International, Futurpreneur, and First Nations University’s Aboriginal Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, Taunya remains committed to fostering a financially strong and robust entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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