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Perception – How to position your business to stand out in a crowded market

Tuesday, June 11 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Have you ever wondered what makes people attracted to a business?

Why are some businesses seen as more appealing than others?

How does an idea, product or service become irresistible? And how does it sustain its popularity?

In this session you will not only discover how to position your business, product or idea to be attractive to the right people, you will also find out how to take control of your perception in the market and stand out as being unique from the competition.

In this presentation you will discover…

  • How to influence the perception people have of you, your business or your product
  • How to think outside of the box to get different results
  • How to get noticed and be the obvious choice for your dream clients
  • You will walk away with practical tools you can apply in your business straight away to get more out of your marketing efforts.

About your speaker:
Erik is a powerful marketing strategist, speaker, adventurer and co-founder of, Basic Bananas Canada, and FreshLine Moto Adventures.
An award-winning entrepreneur, Erik has run numerous businesses in the trades, tourism, and online. With experience both ‘on-the-tools’ and as a digital CEO, Erik brings a unique understanding to the full spectrum of small business owners realities.
He has been quoted in CBC, NBC, CBS, FOX and ABC and he is has been a keynote speaker at small business and marketing conferences around the world.
Erik is known for openly sharing his experience with fellow entrepreneurs to help them find their own missing links which leads to many epiphany moments.

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