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Optimizing Your Funding & Financing Options

Thursday, September 21 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Are you a technology driven business starting research/development work? Or, is your company at various stages of commercialization? Join Jennifer Wong of the ATB Entrepreneur Centre and Eileen Ashmore of Strategic Timelines  for this presentation that will assist your company gain an understanding of the innovation funding and financing programs available. You will learn about the possible funding and/or financing options that may be key to completion of your development and/or contribute to product launch and commercializing your innovation.

This presentation will assist technology companies in development and/or pre-commercialization so that they gain a working knowledge of their funding and financing options. For technology start ups, this presentation will assist them become apprised of possible funding and financing options so that they can plan ahead to secure funding/financing.

Speaker: Eileen Ashmore

Eileen Ashmore, MBA, CMC is a technology funding specialist who works with technology driven businesses to assist you prepare funding submissions along with supporting business tools – business and marketing strategies/plans. Market assessment and competitor analysis are also completed to assist clients prove out their business model. And, as importantly, these business tools provide a road map for building a growing sustaining business. In today’s competitive financial markets, funders, financiers and seed capital investors are looking for technology driven businesses with growth potential. Eileen works with you to prepare innovation funding, financing and seed capital submissions in a way that significantly increases the odds of securing funding, financing and/or investment.

Eileen Ashmore has 30+ years management consulting experience and has worked with hundreds of B2B companies. Eileen has an MBA specializing in Marketing & Distribution Systems & holds the Certified Management Consulting (CMC-Canada) designation. With Eileen Ashmore’s expertise and experience with B2B-SME’s, you’ll become quickly oriented to what you need to do to move forward and capitalize on opportunities while shoring up your weaknesses.


***This is an intermediate-level workshop, but everyone is welcome!***

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