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Negotiation tactics that work on your kids (and your clients)

Wednesday, June 7 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Whether it’s asking your child to clean his or her room, eat all their vegetables, or be home at a certain time, at some point we are faced with resistance. Children rarely take “because I said so” as the answer and often the situation is left either in the child getting his or her way, or worst case an argument. What if you could create win-win compromises every time, and better yet, stopped the argument before it even started? Why are we willing to push for the right thing with our children and not our clients? What if the next time you received a client objection on price you were able to better negotiate instead of providing a discount? You don’t need to be a parent to get the most out of this session!

Speaker Kim Orlesky 

Kim is The Leading Sales Coach, Success Magazine’s most inspirational blogger, two-time author, and a contributor to major online publications. She continues to expand her presence with international speaking, video, and podcasting. Kim’s courageousness to quit her life and backpack solo around the world inspired her to use her mastery in sales to help businesses and entrepreneurs make communication shifts that lead to stronger relationships and more revenue.

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