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Leverage Automated Digital Messenger Bots to Generate Qualified Leads and Sales for Your Business

Tuesday, July 25 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

According to Flurry Analytics, time spent on social media and messaging increased a staggering 400% last year.  Businesses are starting to realize that they need to communicate with users where they already are, and that chat provides a superior experience: email doesn’t command much attention, text is very limited,  and phone calls require someone’s undivided attention.

Enter the age of Messenger Chat. As we mentioned, increasing numbers of consumers are turning to social media messaging, including Facebook Messenger, to contact businesses with questions and comments. While there are tools that will help you manage the influx of customer messages, sometimes they’re just not enough, particularly when social users are accustomed to a timely response from you.

Facebook Messenger bots let you automatically provide your customers with immediate responses. They can answer basic questions like “What is your return policy?” (even though it’s posted in three different places on your site), “How do I book a call”, “What are your hours”, and so on, freeing up your customer service team to handle more serious follow-ups and concerns. You can also automate business functions such as booking rooms, booking appointments, and purchasing tickets to name a few.

But it’s not just about automating your customer query responses, but also about outreach, and starting a relationship with prospective customers. Via messenger bots you can also reach out via targeted messages and automatically start the customer journey with your prospect – from the initial inquiry and follow-up process, to selling your services from right within the messenger app.

The barrier to entry for messenger bots is also extremely low. Instead of having to build an app which your prospect is then going to have to download, you can instead leverage Facebook Messenger’s 1.2 billon user base and all the functionality built within their app to generate inquiries and leads.

Need more reasons to use messenger? How about these facts:

  • 53% of people say they are more likely to shop at a business they can message directly.
  • 59% say they message more now that 2 years ago
  • 56% say they expect messaging to increase further over the next 2 years

In the near future it will be less about the what types of ads we place in front of perspective clients and customers and more about how we manage the conversations that are started from those ads and other avenue.

So join us for this 90 minute workshop and learn how to automate the entire processes using easy to build messenger bots to help you take advantage of this major shift in the customer generation landscape.

You will learn:

  • About the different type of Messenger Bots and which ones you need to be using inside of your business.
  • The process of utilizing language patterns and “quick” logic to engage, qualify and nurture complete strangers into qualified leads and buyers.
  • How to correctly target only prospects that fit your specific business demographics
  • How to use Messenger Bots as a layer within your current marketing strategy to bolster its effectiveness.
  • How to automate both inbound and outbound message sequences
  • Which software to use to build out your first bot on
  • Your action plan to strategize, implement and launch your Messenger bot in less than 7 days.

After the presentation you will also get access to all the workshop slides and access to the Inevitable Growth support and mastermind community where you’ll receive complimentary ongoing training and strategies to help adapt your marketing and customer generation strategies to an ever shifting technological landscape.

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