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Lessons From a Million Dollar Marketing Mistake

Monday, March 25 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

You will learn the reason for this massive mistake and how to build a marketing plan that will move your business to greater success!

  • Without customers or clients there is no business, yet most businesses struggle with a consistent, measurable, repeatable way of generating new business. By the end of this talk, you will have a marketing plan that can accelerate your business success.
  • Oliver will share an “interactive” case study from his own life, the failure while marketing a new beer line and how you can apply the learnings to your own business.
  • You will learn about how a 24-year old Graphic Designer from New Zealand was able to market absolutely nothing with tremendous success and how you can market absolutely anything

The Speaker: Oliver Baezner

Oliver is the Founder of Sonic Breakthrough Coaching. While he can often be seen wearing a suit and tie, people close to him know that he’s really somewhat of a free spirit who feels most at home in nature, and have frequently referred to him as a “Hippie in a Business Suit.”  As a business and executive coach, he has worked with companies to improve employee performance and morale and convert negative sales and profit performance into successful financial results. Oliver spent over 25 years in leadership and management roles with some of Canada’s largest corporations including Energizer Canada, Canadian Tire, and Shoppers Drug Mart.  He’s also the former Vice-President of Calgary’s own Big Rock Brewery.

Oliver has worked with a variety of well-known clients, including an NHL Hockey Team, as well as executives, business owners and their teams in dozens of industries.  He is also a chair for MacKay CEO Forums, where he accelerates CEO performance through peer learning for some of Calgary’s largest corporations. Oliver has a Podcast called “ASK THE COACH”, where entrepreneurs and leaders can listen in for solutions to their business challenges.

In addition to his extensive coaching and leadership development work, Oliver is the co-founder of “100 Men Who Give A Damn”, a Calgary organization of community-minded men who raise money for local charities.

As a Keynote Speaker Oliver’s inspiring and energizing talks have motivated audiences to think differently to achieve their personal and business goals.  Whether you want to improve your revenues, surround yourself with an amazing team, or have more time in your life, Oliver can help. He has a passion for helping Good Businesses Breakthrough to Great!


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