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Kick Start 2020 Series Part 2: Relationship Building or “Why can’t THEY be more like ME?”

Friday, November 15 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Are you up for a three-pack? Join us for a three-part series with Dr. June Donaldson to kick-start your New Year and freshen things up for 2020!

June’s simple, easy to understand and apply Behavioral model helps people figure out what makes them tick one way and others tick another!  The information focuses on statements and behaviours, time intensity, risk taking, versatility and many other interpersonal mysteries. People get the scoop on how to pro-actively present themselves and their ideas, so they are heard differently from others … making one’s responsibilities easier to orchestrate, less stressful, more time efficient and results oriented as they gain endorsement from others.    

About the Speaker: 

Dr. June Donaldson is a seasoned people development professional having worked throughout North America, the Caribbean, and Asia Pacific. She focuses her work on emotional intelligence (EQ) and how it interacts with the topics listed above.  Learn more at or connect at 403 861 7700 or and then sign up for a comprehensive presentation of these critical life, work, and relationship skills.

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