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It’s a New Year and It’s Time to Get Organized!

Monday, March 4 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

How can we organize in a way that suits the way we do business? What do we need to do to keep the Government happy, and what must we incorporate into our daily habits to ensure we are putting our attention on the right things in our businesses? What tools are available to help?

We will discuss both simple age-old systems and brand-new technologies that help a business owner stay on top of the numbers in their business!

The Speaker: Dawn Ross

Dawn runs a bookkeeping company, All Tasks Services Ltd, in Calgary. She started the business in the summer of 2007 because she believed her strong administrative background would allow her to make a great service business that would be of value to small business owners in Calgary. In running her business over almost twelve years, Dawn has learned just what the numbers are saying and has used that information to make changes that have impacted the bottom line significantly. The experience Dawn has with thriving (or not) while running the business has informed her passion for being a resource and removing road blocks for her customers’ own success in their businesses. Knowing that she makes a real contribution to her customers, and that they count on the financial information in the work she does is what fires her up to show up every day!

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