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It Ain’t Easy Being Green (or Yellow, Blue or Red)

Tuesday, July 18 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

A Master Class in Psychological Sales Techniques

Communication is without question the most important element of any successful sales endeavor. Even if you have a product or service that “sells itself” you still need to tell people about it and on a deeply subconscious level, different people wish to be told in vastly different ways.

While there are many different languages spoken around the world, within sales there are only four. Learning which one you speak naturally, and how to blend it with the language of your current or potential customer is the most vital skill you can learn as a business owner or sales professional.

Thankfully we are here to teach you how to do just that.

CultureSmith is Alberta’s Engagement Expert. We know what it takes to motivate people to take action. Now for the first time ever, the methodology that countless companies have used to engage their workforce has been reengineered to allow you to engage your customer base.

As part of our continuing collaboration with the ATB Entrepreneur Centre, this session serves as the second of four “Master Classes” expanding upon our popular “How to Sell Your Soul” seminar. Over the course of the session you will learn:

YOUR unique selling style and behavioral language, along with the inherent strengths and weakness it brings;

How to determine the unique buying style and behavioral language of any prospect in real time through observational assessment;

How to blend your style with that of your customer to dramatically increase buy-in and engagement;

The 4 highest yielding closing techniques and which one to use when;

And the most psychologically compelling follow-up cycles for each and every client you encounter, ensuring a robust revenue stream long after the initial sale.

Past participants of a “How to Sell Your Soul” seminar will recognize this class as a deeper dive into the methodology they experienced in that session and are highly encouraged to attend. However newcomers are welcome as the seminar will be delivered in a fashion that engages all.

In the time it took you to read this, one of your customers had an interaction with one of your competitors. You cannot prevent your clients from speaking to other providers. What you can do however is ensure that every time they speak with you, it is the most engaging interaction they have had all day. That’s a message we think you’ll all understand.

About the Presenter, Shane Wallace

Shane Wallace is the founder & CEO of CultureSmith Inc., an innovative and disruptive Employee Engagement firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

A 17 year veteran of the Professional Recruitment industry, Shane launched his first firm in 2005 after spending 6 years as a Director of a multi-national Fortune 100 Recruitment Firm.

As the leader of a rapidly growing enterprise, tackling employee engagement was a daily challenge. In setting his mind to solving this issue for himself, Shane soon realized that he had created a highly impactful model that was delivering amazing results. After “lending” the methodology to a number of his key recruitment clients, the demand for this service built almost overnight and CultureSmith Inc. was born.

Shane now spends his time tackling the engagement issue on behalf of others. Teaching the four core concepts of Alignment, Assessment, Attraction and Activation, he helps companies leverage all about them that is unique, creating solutions that allow them to find prosperity in even the most challenging market conditions.

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