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Inspired Mental Toughness! $50-$65

Friday, April 27 | 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

This is a ticketed event. Please follow the link to purchase a ticket.

Strengthen your mental muscle with just 3 minutes a day

Do you want to learn how to manage your way through all the noise? Do you want to spend your time effectively? Do you want to be deliberate in your choices? Do you want to be an active listener? Do you want to be more present?

In just a few minutes, less than 3 to be exact, you can train your brain to think differently and your body to work differently. In this workshop you will learn three practices to build mental muscle stregth and sustain it. Habits are formed through practice (repetition) and we’ll have a little incentive to help start applying them immediately.

What to Expect:

The Story and the Science

  • My story and how I built mental toughness as an executive, entrepreneur and mother.
  • Symptoms of living in Fast-forward and how it impacts your mental, physical and emotional being
  • The benefits of slowing down and building mental toughness

3 Practices

  • Everything good always comes in 3’s. Learn 3 exercises that build mental toughness and physical and emotional strength in just under 3 minutes. We’re all busy, that’s the point. So, how do build mental toughness in a practical way?
  • Practice, Practice, Practice… Yes, you will jumpstart your learning by getting you to practice a few times before the end of the session

Forming Habits

  • We’re tactile human beings. We’ll give you something small and practical to take home that will motivate you and remind you to keep practicing.

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