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Improving Cash Flow

Thursday, August 16 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Lethbridge

Ever looked at your company profit and wondered why you don’t see any cash in your account? Ever had the panic of needing to pay employees and there’s nothing in the bank? Have you wanted to make more money but your advertising campaign isn’t working fast enough? If these questions resonate with you, come and learn as Jaden Evanson talks about the 4 simple methods to improve your cash flow, as well as tips for understanding it.

This session will include:

  • Understanding cash flow – relationship to profit, what impacts it, and how to approach thinking about it
  • Increasing cash in – there are 3 ways to increase your net cash in, but most people only focus on 1
  • Decreasing cash out – improve your efficiency to reduce the cash spent and lost
  • Summary – what to think about, and questions to ask your accountant for further help

**This workshop is for all levels of entrepreneurship**

The Speaker: Jaden Evanson

Jaden is a Lethbridge native, and completed his degree in Accounting from the University of Lethbridge. He has a small family, having just welcomed his second child in March of this year. Also in March, Jaden started Elevate Accounting with a desire to leverage his financial expertise and accounting background to help business do better. Rather than focus on past performance, Jaden’s focus is on learning from your numbers to predict and improve future performance.

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