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How To Drive Business Through Your Personal Brand On LinkedIn

Thursday, May 16 | 7:30 AM - 9:30 AM

Pop-up Calgary Westhills

With every great brand the world has ever known, there’s always been a face attached.

Apple had Steve Jobs, Tesla has Elon Musk.

Now more than ever, c-level executives, founders, and entrepreneurs are investing into their own personal brands to meet the business goals of their companies and the goals of their personal ambitions.

In this talk, Mitch Lacsamana, a Solutions Architect on the intersection of marketing, modern technology, and entrepreneurship, will walk you through 6 powerful practices a mere few are using on LinkedIn to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in added revenue for their sales pipelines, hire and deploy scalable development teams for their build cycles, and safely crowdsource interest for their IPOs and private seed rounds.

You’ll learn how to consolidate your business’ marketing efforts through the development and expansion of your own personal brand on LinkedIn, the most professional driven Social Media platform that in-market today.

You will walk away with a firm understanding of how to replicate the success that a mere few of us are accessing via LinkedIn. Every attendee will receive a comprehensive brand building guide exclusive to LinkedIn which has massively helped dozens of Spurantics’ clients with enabling their own personal brands.


The Speaker: Mitch Lacsamana

Mitch is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations with Spurantics, an agency that’s focused on working with business driven individuals to build and scale the power of their personal brands through Social Media. His firm understanding of emerging technology is rooted through his engineering spirit (graduating University 4 years ago with a Computer Engineering degree), and through his work with Verizon, where he’s architected scalable video infrastructures for business owners and c-level executives in the broadcast industry.

When Mitch finds time, he enjoys speaking at conferences, being a support system for his friends’ projects/ventures, and hosting entrepreneurs for a show he is producing called Real People Real Hustle, a platform that gives him a chance to host the people he reveres and admires!

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7.30am – Doors open

7.30am -8.00am – Light breakfast and networking

8.00am – 9.00am: Workshop facilitated by Mitch

9.00am – 9.30m: Q&A and networking

9.30am: Event concludes

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