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Hope to Motivate Action

Tuesday, December 3 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Because without action, hope is just a wish

Research suggests that law students who reported high levels of hope during Law School did better on their LSATs than those students with a lower reported Hope Score. Studies have also
shown that using hope as a motivator of action towards a goal has a better probability of goal attainment than action without an expectation for a future positive outcome.

So how is it that a virtue as intangible as Hope can have such a lasting and measurable impact on human potential?

Drawing on her own experience as the wife of a recovering alcoholic, combined with first-hand experience and knowledge of mental health, motivation and perseverance, Lindsay Recknell will
lead a discussion with participants around how to recognize hope and use hope to motivate themselves and others.

Session Objectives:
• Understand the Science of Hope and the success of this positive psychology on mental illness and overall mental well-being
• Identify practical, actionable and easily measurable techniques to use hope to motivate action
• Introduction to the Hope Equation, a tool for effective planning Session Outcomes:
• Hope Quiz tool to be used with individuals or teams
• Tactics for implementation of hope-based action within organizations
• Application of the Hope Equation, an innovative and future-facing approach to goal setting and strategic planning

About the Speaker: 
Lindsay Recknell is a speaker, facilitator and educator who has experienced the power of hope firsthand and used it to create positive change in her life. Her focus on hope – and the
realization that hope can be a powerful motivator of action – came from a very personal journey, as the wife of a recovering alcoholic. Her husband’s journey to sobriety took (and continues to take!) tremendous courage, effort, and determination – and has led to incredible learning, radical transformation and strength (for both of them!).

A consultant since 2010, Lindsay has built a thriving practice in data and business analysis, with a focus in agricultural, energy and consumer packaged goods industries. Lindsay is a results-oriented professional with diversified experience in communications, business analysis and reporting, project management, financials, sales presentation, people management, business process design, and facilitation strategies – all skills that complement her work as a certified Emergenetics Associate and expert in hope. Having worked with leading companies like Coca Cola, Molson Coors, Enbridge and Cenovus, she prides herself on getting things done that others simply can’t.

An entrepreneur at heart, Lindsay developed a passion for leadership development and self- awareness through her work with Actionable Books, book summaries and facilitated workshops based on lessons learned from business and professional development books. She applied these lessons and founded Wedding Recycle, an online classified marketplace targeted to engaged and recently married couples. Now it is seventh year of operation, Wedding Recycle and sister sites, Wedding Recycle Concierge and Pop-Up Consignment Shop, continue to grow
under Lindsay’s leadership and direction. Lindsay’s work is all about helping others rediscover hope amid challenge – and teaching us how to use it to create radical positive change in our lives. As an expert in hope, she empowers the individual, strengthens teams and transforms organizations through her Dream Catalyst, Self-Awareness Superhero and Workplace Mental Health programs.

Lindsay lives in Calgary with her husband and their two Golden Retrievers.

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