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Heart, Mind, Wallet: The Discipline of Entrepreneurship (Vulcan)

Thursday, November 21 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Vulcan Curling Club

Why is passion sometimes not enough? Why do some great ideas never become what we expect them to be? Why can’t we take control? The truth is that running your own business is a complex thing. We know that on average an entrepreneur does 7 jobs in their business. Beyond that, there’s the “entrepreneur” role that can be difficult to truly understand. In this hour long session Jason will discuss the three key skills that entrepreneurs must develop if want to build or grow a thriving business.

About the Speaker:
Jason is an Entrepreneur Strategist with the ATB Entrepreneur Centre in Lethbridge. He has helped entrepreneurs through the process or starting and growing their business and been an entrepreneur himself over the past six years. In his current role he works as a coach / consultant / champion for entrepreneurship for any Albertan who needs help.

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