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Growth and Expansion: How to Best Grow Your Business

Monday, November 18 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

This is a session explaining the financial implications of growth of a business, tools and techniques to analyze and plan for growth, and the best times and best reasons to grow a business.

• What are the best reasons to grow a business?
• When is the best time to grow a business?
• How do we plan for growth and expansion?
• What are the financial implications of growth?
• Will growing my business increase my profits?
• How much cash will we need to expand?
• What happens if we get unexpected growth?

Learning Objectives:
• To be able to determine when business expansion makes sense
• To understand how to project growth and expansion
and to know how to react when unexpected growth occurs

Learning Materials:

• Glossary of terms
• Implementation checklist


About the Speaker:

Shannon West grew up in Winnipeg where she obtained her Advanced Business Administration certificate as well as her CPA, CGA degree.  She started her career in Accounting in Winnipeg, then expanded it further in Georgia, USA and now lives in Calgary. Throughout her career at the Senior Manager level, she has gained experience in many industries, always participating in initiatives to move the company forward.  Shannon is certified in both Change Management and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).  She is an entrepreneur, owning a Consulting company – RemiFox Management Inc. through which she provides Management Consulting services in all 3 areas.  Shannon enjoys volunteering her time in the area of Financial Literacy as well as personal development and serving the community.

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