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Getting out of Your Own Way to Get Your Own Way!

Monday, January 8 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Critical to our entrepreneurial success is distinguishing ourselves from others who do what we do. Knowing our product or service is one thing: integrating that knowledge with the five key components of successful interpersonal relationships is another!

Our entrepreneurial world has many challenges! Knowing how to keep ourselves emotionally intelligent (particularly when life does a “run-away” on us), while working to efficiently advance our marketing process with diverse individuals AND all the while dealing with unrelenting change and the conflict that goes with it … well, it is not for the ill-informed or faint of heart.

The upside of this session is you’ll better recognize the “story behind the story” when people do and say things that take you by surprise. You’ll also have a competitive edge in helping clients realize that you are likeable, trustworthy and competent because remember: most clients want to support and buy from those who demonstrate that criteria.

The information in this session is practical, proven and content rich. It is designed for all entrepreneurial levels because the information can be applied at work, home and in social settings.

Speaker: Dr. June Donaldson

Dr. June Donaldson (MBA, EdD, Mediator, Arbitrator) is a serial, seasoned, international entrepreneur.   Dr. June’s best-selling emotional intelligence book and profiles (Emotional SMARTS®) are distributed internationally.  June prides herself on having long-term client relationships built on achieving client outcomes in a timely, productive, profitable and pleasant working environment.  To learn more about Dr. June’s business consulting, coaching, keynotes, workshops, mediation or arbitration services, please visit or call 403 287 2244.

***This workshop is suitable for all levels!***

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