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Four Elements to Building a Successful Business

Tuesday, June 19 | 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Grande Prairie

The four elements of Western Culture are EARTH, AIR, WATER and FIRE. These four elements are believed to be essential for life. As in life, there are Four Elements required for business success. Join us for this seminar and learn these Four Elements for your Business Success.

“Success isn’t easy, but it’s simple.”

Frustration and stress in business ruins more than just your day at work. It can impact your entire life. In this session you will see Four Elements of a successful business, reducing the unknown, stress, potential burnout and taming the daily whirlwind of business operations.  

In The E Myth Michael Gerber explains that there is a common misconception. The myth that all businesses are started and run by entrepreneurs. Actually, most businesses are started by experts, specialist in their field…in other words what Gerber calls technicians. These are the Lawyers, Accountants, Plumbers, Hairdressers, Optometrists, Chiropractors, Builders, Mechanics, Dentists, Bookkeepers, and the list goes on… learn about the FOUR ELEMENTS you need to know to move from the Technician into the Business Owner.

About your facilitator: Peter Lepinski

Peter was born and raised in Saskatchewan. Shortly after high school Peter joined the Canadian Armed Forces and became a professional soldier. After serving for almost three years, Peter decided to leave the military to further his education. Upon completion of a degree in business at the U of R, Peter returned to the military and honed his leadership and organizational skills in the Canadian Forces, serving with, and leading, NATO member troops in areas around the globe. As a veteran, he entered the corporate business world and achieved significant financial results for the business organizations he worked for.

During his corporate career Peter has been responsible for operating $220 Million dollars of a corporation business and in another corporation grew their revenues over 400% in 3 years. In the mid-90’s Peter owned his first small business, and his experiences provide him with strong business knowledge and excellent coaching skills. In 2009, Peter became a Certified Business Coach and opened an office in Grande Prairie, bringing business coaching to the Grande Prairie market. Peter is now a Professional Executive and Business Master Coach with ICF accreditation and he provides coaching and mentoring services. Peter has a passion for leadership development, personal productivity and business growth.

Currently Peter is the CEO and founding partner in Business Innovation Group Inc., and works with business owners and leaders in growing their leadership and businesses. In addition to running his business, Peter is a published best-selling author, he does public speaking, seminars and workshops. He is an active volunteer member in the community, currently holding the position of  Club President for the Rotary Club of Grande Prairie After Five.



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