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Five Strategies to Immediately Decrease your Stress

Thursday, August 1 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre Calgary

In this workshop you’ll leave with some tangible tools that will help in stressful moments. Our
intention is to arm you with tools that you can use on the go, and once you start to build extra
energy, that you reinvest that energy into lasting stress reduction. We’ll show you the path to a
less stressful life.

Attendees will go through 5 key strategies that touch on: release meditation technique (stop a bad day in its tracks) boundary setting basics, dealing with overwhelm, decision fatigue and self-comfort vs. self-care.

About the Speaker:
Founder of Stress Less Ladies, Victoria Smith, she gets stress. A recovering stress-aholic,
Victoria had shingles twice before the age of 30. Sadly this is becoming the new normal for our
stressed-out society, but it fueled Victoria to figure out a way to live a less stressful life. Once
she was on the other side of her own journey, Victoria trained as a health and life coach, and is
now on a mission to help women stress less so that they can actually enjoy their daily lives.

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