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Finding Cashflow in Your Business (Pop Up – Fort Saskatchewan)

Tuesday, October 15 | 5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Pop-up Fort Saskatchewan

As business owners, we all know how tight cash flow can be at different times of the year. Balancing the timing of the cash in and cash out is an art of managing the finances of your business. Are you equipped with the proper tools to allow you to manage your cash flow without wasting time gathering information that should be at your fingertips?

Is the cash flow driving your business or is your business determining your cash flow? Knowing your cash flow at any given point in time and being able to forecast cash flow issues in the short and
long term future will allow you to be proactive in the building and growth of your business.

During this session, we will share our insights on:

  1. How your business can have daily cash flow information so that you know ahead of time when you can pay your vendors without the checks bouncing or whether you have collected enough receivables to cover payroll for month end.
  2. How targets and goals can be set around cash flow to drive your business
  3. How cash flow forecasting can accelerate your growth and mitigate your risks

About Sarah
In the last 8 years, hundreds of business owners in Edmonton trusts Sarah Tiet and her team at OPTY Business Solutions for their bookkeeping. Unlike most other bookkeepers, the OPTY team is focused on business processes, technology leveraged efficiencies and real-time cash flow. How did Sarah build such a fantastic business? She has synergistically, combined her computer programming, environmental engineering, real estate sales, office management, investing and parenting experiences into accounting solutions that are aimed at the busy and successful entrepreneurs. OPTY clients do not like to waste time and understands the value of cash management. They enjoy how OPTY simplifies complex accounting and financial data into useable information.

Why do things the old fashion way when there are faster and more accurate methods available? Why not take the savings in time and enjoy life to the fullest?

Sarah’s Motto in Life and Business: There must be an easier way! 😊

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