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Entrepren-Hour: Branding and Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Thursday, September 19 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Lethbridge

During this session we will take a close look at some of the basic principles of brand development and brand strategy and further assess best practices for using marketing channels and tactics to build your brand in a positive fashion. Through exploring design principle basics, what to look for and consider when creating a brand, and the elements that comprise brands you will take away an understanding of how to approach this extremely important embodiment of your product or service.

Further information about channels and tactics and some things to avoid when publishing your brand and key messaging will help you gain insight into where to begin and how you can leverage your brand along the way in order to complete meaningful and tasteful campaigns. After all, almost everyone spends time marketing things, in some way or another, every day and the brands you create and your own personal brand are living, breathing things that need a standard of care. We’ll provide you with a look at a variety of considerations to produce a quality foundation for your brand and marketing activities.

About the Speaker: Eyren Uggenti, BBA Marketing & Management, RINSA Entrepreneur Program Manager, Tecconnect

Eyren was born in Hamilton Ontario and lived in Vancouver for the last decade where he finished a degree program in Marketing & Management as well as a diploma in Digital Media Design. He began his career in business supports working for Small Business BC, the equivalent to Alberta’s Business Link, as their Event Coordinator/Project Manager producing their flagship and sponsored events that focused on celebrating and educating small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Over the last 10 years, Eyren has lead business associations with hundreds of members, launched multiple brand campaigns for private and public corporations and government, and has impacted thousands of businesses and small business owners by helping them in strengthening their visibility, engaging with their communities, and enhancing their tool-kits and business acumen through his management of programs and events. Eyren was also a board member for over 4 years with the National Advertising Benevolence Society (NABS West) where he ran fundraisers to provide various supports to individuals facing hardship in the media and marketing/communications industry in Canada.

In June, Eyren was hired to manage the Entrepreneur Program at Tecconnect and be a part of the Regional Innovation Network of Southern Alberta and he completed a move to Lethbridge. In his spare time, Eyren enjoys snowboarding and hiking with friends and family, creating music and producing live music events, and working on digital media projects like music videos. You can find him at Tecconnect during business hours or out exploring Lethbridge and making new connections in the community!
Please connect with him on LinkedIn here:

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