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Emotional Intelligence: Foundation to Entrepreneurial Success

Wednesday, May 9 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Calgary

Emotional Intelligence is not just another fad or buzzword.  Being emotionally smart enables us to apply our wisdom, knowledge, or intellect to how we self-manage; behave appropriately with culturally and demographically different people; connect well with others; and make decisions that stand the test of time and scrutiny.  Easy to say – sometimes tough to do: particularly when life does a run-away on us or we’re navigating strange territory as an entrepreneur!  Knowing how to demonstrate our Emotional SMARTS® is foundational to achieving life, relationship, work, and social successes.  Join us for an insightful one-hour overview of Dr. June Donaldson’s best-selling, internationally distributed, Emotional SMARTS® model that identifies sixteen key skills we need to consistently demonstrate to be at our emotionally smart best as we take on what life brings our way!


The Speaker: June Donaldson 

Dr. June Donaldson (MBA, EdD, Mediator, Arbitrator) is a serial, seasoned, international entrepreneur.   Dr. June’s best-selling emotional intelligence book and profiles (Emotional SMARTS®) are distributed internationally.  June prides herself on having long-term client relationships built on achieving client outcomes in a timely, productive, profitable and pleasant working environment.  To learn more about Dr. June’s business consulting, coaching, keynotes, workshops, mediation or arbitration services, please visit or call 403 287 2244.

***This workshop is suitable for all levels!***

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