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DNA Testing & Use of Critical Illness Insurance

Thursday, February 21 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

It’s trendy to learn about your ancestors and even digging deeper into your blood line learning about where your ancestors originate from. Have you ever thought about what knowing this information could be used for when evaluating your longterm health, how you can benefit from knowing and how to apply that knowledge into how to purchase the right kind of insurance?

In this presentation we will cover following topics:

  • what is a genome and DNA mutations
  • how do different DNA tests compare (eg. 23andMe vs full genome)
  • what are the benefits of DNA testing
  • who can benefit from DNA sequencing
  • what can you expect from clinical DNA testing related to your health
  • how does decoding of DNA affect your family
  • how does DNA testing impact insurance
  • some science behind how insurance impacts your health


About your facilitators:

Dr. Mikolaj Raszek
Dr. Raszek is a founder and owner of Merogenomics Inc., a consulting company based out of Edmonton helping clients with private access to whole genome sequencing and related technologies. Merogenomics Inc. specializes in cancer DNA profiling, DNA testing for undiagnosed diseases, prenatal screening and sequencing in healthy asymptomatic individuals for preventative assessment. Dr. Raszek did an undergrad degree in genetics, doctorate degree in biochemistry and postdoctorate work in agricultural genomics, all completed in the beautiful capital of Alberta.
Dr. Raszek is passionate to educate about genome sequencing, or how we can look into our DNA code to gain important medical insights. Luckily for him, he loves studying science so starting a consulting business in breakthrough scientific technologies seemed like a next logical step.
If you’re interested in learning more about DNA testing options, please contact Dr. Raszek at
Leslie-Anne Preece, RHU
Leslie-Anne Preece, is a Senior Life Insurance Specialist with ATB and has been providing insurance solutions to clients since 1998. She is all about helping clients protect the things they care about most, and will make your interaction seamless and pleasant as she strives to provide you with knowledge regarding Life & Living Benefit solutions that are tailored to fit your situation.
Securing your Families future and providing you with peace of mind to live your best life is her main focus when she meets with you. Every client she connects with becomes a part of her life and she takes pride in offering personalized service with a caring and compassionate approach. Life Insurance can be complicated; however her main objective is to “keep it simple” by providing open, honest and concise information to help you understand your insurance needs and educate you on the different solutions available in today’s competitive market. Leslie -Anne spoils her clients with a positive attitude and a “can do” approach to meet and exceed service expectations.
Along with her extensive life insurance experience, she holds a Registered Health Underwriter Designation (RHU) which specializes in the Living Benefits of Disability Insurance, Critical Illness insurance and Long Term Care. Constant change is the nature of Life and she is committed to ongoing education in this Industry to stay current and provide you with superior service. Leslie-Anne welcomes you to arrange a meeting to talk about your insurance needs on a personal and/or business level.

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