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Customers, Products and Wallets – Oh My!

Thursday, July 19 | 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Lethbridge

A Simple Approach To Using The Data You Already Have to Drive Better Financial Performance

If you’re in business, you’ve heard all sorts of hype about Data and Analytics and the supposed wondrous things they can deliver.

As a small or mid-sized business you’ve also most like come to the conclusion that these things are too complicated, too expensive, or too time-consuming to provide any immediate value to you and your company.  Or you find yourself wanting to try using Data and Analytics but aren’t sure how to take a practical first step into this world.

Join best-selling author and Small and Mid-Sized Business Data and Analytics Expert, Steve Wilkinghoff, for a one-hour session where you will learn a super-simple framework that will let you take practical steps into the world of Data and Analytics.

Steve’s session frames up Data and Analytics around two areas of your business – your customers and your products.  These two areas are where most of the “Data and Analytics Gold” lie, according to Steve’s books and direct experience with hundreds of small and mid-sized companies.

By attending this one-hour session, you will leave with the following:

  • A simple data framework for identifying and categorizing their customers;
  • A clear set of data points to obtain for each of their customers;
  • A list of 4 specific things to do with those data points to drive improved financial results;
  • Handouts and templates to assist in acting on what you learn in the session; and
  • An electronic copy of bestselling book by Steve Wilkinghoff, “Found Money – Simple Solutions to Uncover the Hidden Profit and Cash Flow in Your Business”


The Speaker: Steve Wilkinghoff

Steve is the founder of BizDog Analytics Corporation.

His innovative, business-centric approach has helped thousands of business owners, executives, and their teams attain better, more consistent, and less-risky financial performance.

After starting his career in a Big Four professional services firm Steve worked in investment banking and financial services.  Returning to the professional services industry he launched his own firm and grew it to the point where he merged it with one of Canada’s largest professional services firm.

Two years after the merger Steve left the firm and wrote a bestselling book, Found Money – Simple Strategies for Uncovering the Hidden Profit and Cash Flow In Your Business,  The book was picked up and published by the world’s largest and oldest publisher, John Wiley & Sons (New York).

The popularity of the book led to Steve helping small to mid-sized companies around the world.  A few of the places he has directly worked with clients include England, Romania, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, South Africa, Hong Kong, USA, and Canada.  These engagements combined operational roles (i.e. Managing Director), advisory roles, and data-tech and executive leadership roles.

Steve’s 25 years of global financial experience led to the creation of the Found Money software tool, and the Found Money service offering as a business.  Found Money (the business) harnesses the power of business intelligence, data analytics and machine learning to maximize the revenue, profit, and cash flow from your existing customer base.

What to expect:

Please come prepared to learn and ask any questions you may have. These sessions are for YOU, so we want to make sure you are getting the most out of them. We also encourage you to connect with others in the room, share contacts, and build your network. We understand the impact that having a strong network can have an entrepreneur’s business, so take these sessions as an opportunity to expand yours. Please note: Lunch is not provided for this session.

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