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Crowdfunding during COVID-19 – WEBINAR

Thursday, May 7 | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Crowdfunding is the fastest and most effective method to test, launch and grow a business idea. In times like these, tapping into your network and creating connections has never been more relevant. When cash is more important than ever to the health of a business, many small business owners have found themselves struggling to drive revenue in the face of economic challenges. Crowdfunding puts you in the unique position of gaining access to capital and facilitating online transactions to help keep your business front and centre in the market.

Throughout this discussion, we’ll cover:

  • Crowdfunding strategies that can help entrepreneurs raise capital for their business during COVID-19 challenges.
  • How to gain exposure and create connections with your crowd.
  • Tips to leverage and build on your customer base.
  • An introduction to BoostR and the changes ATB has made to the platform to help small businesses.


Carly Wellls

Carly Wells is the Manager of ATB BoostR with ATB Financial. She is extremely passionate about entrepreneurship and helping businesses succeed, not just today, but well into the future. Outside of work, you will find Carly spending time with her family and exploring the great outdoors.


Nikki Cloutier

Nikki is the owner of BLUE LINE FITNESS TESTING, the only company in Alberta solely dedicated to the field of physical fitness and abilities testing specifically for the law enforcement community.
Nikki saw the opportunity to start individuals on the path to a career in law enforcement through supportive physical training and testing. She launched a crowdfunding campaign this past year and has great insights and learnings when it comes to leveraging the crowd.


Dustin Paisley

Dustin Paisley is the co-founder of Local Laundry, a made in Canada retail brand that builds community. As the Chief Laundry Operator, Dustin is responsible for ensuring the smooth operations of the company, including the financial well being. As a 2019 recipient of a Startup Canada award, Local Laundry represents a new generation of brands aimed at making a positive impact on the world, and in their community through the work that they do.

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