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Creating Conscious Competence Within Your Business

Tuesday, March 13 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM

ATB Entrepreneur Centre, Edmonton

We all have Blindspots. Areas just outside our consciousness that lead us to make emotional as opposed to rational decisions.
Ultimately there are four Emotional Triggers that place us within our Blindspots; our relationship with Money, with People, with Information and with Time.
Nowhere is this more pronounced than in mind of an Entrepreneur.
Business Owners and Leaders find themselves in a constant state of triage, juggling Financial, Human Capital, Process and Productivity related decisions and these pressures combined with the 189 known and measured Cognitive Biases within their brain conspire to create Blindspots that ultimately erode the value of their enterprises.
To help address this, CultureSmith Inc. in conjunction with ATB have created the eAudit (Entrepreneurial Audit) series of workshops.
Over the course of a two hour, interactive session, your business will be analyzed against the  established Cultural Performance Benchmarks of some of the world’s most well managed companies. From there, your unique psychology as a leader will be reconciled against this to uncover areas where your Emotional Blindspots may be creating issues in your business that you are blissfully unaware of.
The net result of the session is an actionable plan to restore lost value to your business, creating a Culture Of Conscious Competence and a roadmap to exponential personal and business growth.
Who Should Attend: As this is an Advanced level Workshop it is ideally suited to Leaders and Owners of growth oriented companies with 5 or more employees.
Why You Should Attend: The numbers are staggering. Over 96% of businesses fail within their first 10 years of existence, with that failure rate actually CLIMBING every year they are in business for that first decade. The reason? These Blindspots, left unchecked, create a domino effect of poor decisions, made as a result of previous poor decisions made inside a Blindspot. In order to prevent this, you must disrupt it and this session is designed to do just that.
How This Works: Please complete the PRE WORK at least two days before the workshop (Emailed to you prior to the event). This assessment will score both your business’s current performance across 20 key indicators as well as your unique psychology as that business’s leader. Custom, individualized reports will be generated and distributed at the beginning of the session. These reports will be used to guide a Workshop designed to close YOUR gaps, and place your business on an upward trajectory.
What Next: All you need to do is register. This is a free session put on by CultureSmith Inc., and hosted by ATB Financial as part of our continuing mutual commitment to cultivating entrepreneurship within this province. Similar sessions that we run on behalf of our clients retail at over $5000 so this is an opportunity you cannot afford to pass up.

*This session is suitable for intermediate to advanced levels of entrepreneurship*

The Speaker:  Shane Wallace

Shane Wallace is the founder & CEO of CultureSmith Inc., an innovative and disruptive Employee Engagement firm based in Calgary, Alberta.

A 17 year veteran of the Professional Recruitment industry, Shane launched his first firm in 2005 after spending 6 years as a Director of a multi-national Fortune 100 Recruitment Firm.

As the leader of a rapidly growing enterprise, tackling employee engagement was a daily challenge. In setting his mind to solving this issue for himself, Shane soon realized that he had created a highly impactful model that was delivering amazing results. After “lending” the methodology to a number of his key recruitment clients, the demand for this service built almost overnight and CultureSmith Inc. was born.

Shane now spends his time tackling the engagement issue on behalf of others. Teaching the four core concepts of Alignment, Assessment, Attraction and Activation, he helps companies leverage all about them that is unique, creating solutions that allow them to find prosperity in even the most challenging market conditions.

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